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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown: 43 Days

Hi Guys!

I am getting double jaw surgery in 43 days, and I plan on using this blog to keep my friends and family updated on whats going on with me :) First off, some background info, I started treatment at the age of 8, with braces, but I wasn't told I needed surgery until I was around 14. I was diagnosed with a class 3 malocclusion which will be corrected by upper and lower jaw surgery. Currently I have 5 mm between my top and bottom jaw horizontally. To correct that the surgeon will move my front jaw forward 2 millimeters and my bottom jaw backward 3 mm, while also moving it to the right 1 mm so my midlines line up. Now I am 17 (as of 5 days ago!) and am ready for surgery. My surgeon will be Dr. Egbert at Seattle Children's Hospital. We were planning on a July surgery so I could go back to school in September, but we had our fair share of problems with the scheduler so now my surgery is in August! Since I have so much time before my August 12th surgery date, I am going to take full advantage of being able to eat real food, I love to cook I plan on cooking something everyday until my surgery. On today's menu is potato pancakes and crepes!

Thanks for reading!


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