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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Countdown: 11 daysss

Only 11 more days! Tomorrow I go see me lovely orthodontists Drs. Fey and Grey, and one of them will put some very ugly surgical hooks on my teeth :( But im excited! And to celebrate my mom, sister and I are going to our favorite chinese restaurant. 

Then on Friday I have my PRE OP!!! Dont really know why I am excited to be in a hospital for 6 hours, but I am :) 

I think I have everything ready, except for food, because I dont want it to go bad or anything. 
Oh, and I just realized I never posted a picture of my bite, so here it is! Yes it really is that bad. 
okaybye :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Countdown: 15 days!

Countdown: 15 days! Just trying out blogger moblie, I can update my blog through text!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Countdown: 16 days!

Update on supplies: I went to the store today and bought some soft food pouches to try out. Here are my reviews!
Iced coffee was delicious, but nonessential ;)
Delicious! This is called GoGo sqeez. They sell these at the vending machines at my school so I had tried them before, but this time I got the apple cinnamon flavor. They cost $2 and school at I got these for around 60 cents each for 3.2 oz, in a pack of four. A-

I am definitely a "HapptTot" after eating this! Its the sweet potato, carrot, apple, and cinnamon blend. Very flavorful, and a good choice for a portable snack for school. These were on sale for $1.20 for a 4 oz pouch. A little pricier than the applesauce, but really, a girl can only eat so much applesauce before she needs some flavor! A++

Ick. It was good at first, but it was a little too runny. Very bland, and it had no added sugar, but it needed it! This was $1 for 3.5oz. Probably will not be buying this. C-
Odwalla was REALLY GOOD. Mango Tango flavor I think. A+!

All in all I am realllly glad I tried these or else I might have been stuck with a ton of gross ones!

It is 16 days1 hour6 minutes19 seconds until Friday, August 12, 2011 

dun dun dun dunnnn

Monday, July 25, 2011

Countdown: SEVENTEEN

So, I'm seventeen years old, and I have seventeen days left until my surgery. For some reason I feel these seventeen days are going to go by muchhh slower than 17 years. I bought some stuff for after surgery, but first:
I'm making bank at the orthodontist! TWO tokens every time I go. To bad it takes at least 20 to get something good! I've been going there for 9 years and I can never seem to save them :(

I went shopping! I have heard that baby spoons are a must-have, so when I saw these at Ikea last week, I knew I had to get them! They were 6 for $1.50, a steal!

This is my trusty Ninja blender,  chop-chop. He makes delicious smoothies and will be my lifesaver after my face is sawed to pieces.  

My mommy got me these today while she was out shopping, they are little tooth pick type things, but they have thick bristles on the end to get between brackets. 

My icepack! New best friend, come here you!

Another gift from my wonderful mother! I saw this on another blog and my mom remembered and got it for me :) Love you mother! Oh, and this is what I am going to look like after surgery :0

Kiddie sized Starbucks cup, instead of a sippy cup. I will be going back to school 3 weeks after surgery and I dont want to be walking around looking like a two year old for my senior year! 

Neosporin to help with my chapped lips and face

Have I mentioned that I love my mother, well, I do!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Countdown: 18 days, I'm in the teens!

The past few days I have been enjoying my summer doing things I know I wont be able to do after surgery! I played soccer with some girls I volunteer with, and yesterday I went out on a boat. I went out on an inner tube with my sister, then we fell off :( We ate delicious hamburgers, salad, fruit and chips. Today we went to visit my aunt and cousins and she made one of our favorite persian dishes (they are from Iran, and we love persian food!). Then off to the park! Here in Washington we really need to enjoy the very little sun we get!

I've been looking up other things I should buy that my surgeon may not tell me, so I have been reading many other blogs and there is a lot of help and support

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Countdown: 21 days!!!

I found some videos on youtube that help explain some of the treatments I have gone through!

How my teeth used to be! I didn't get teeth taken out, but my teeth used to look just like the first shot

Parts of Braces- I have had all of the things mentioned except the braces with the little door.

Holding Arch

Expander. worst. thing. ever.

Expander made gaps, power chain closed them!

Wisdom teeth

Double Jaw Surgery! This is exactly what Dr. Egbert will do, but he will also be moving my lower jaw 2mm to one side so my midlines match up!

Bonded Retainer

I want this after I ger my braces taken off so that my teeth will always stay nice and straight :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Countdown: 23 DAYS!!!!

Only 23 days left until I get upper and lower jaw surgery! ahhh! I am getting my surgical hooks put on in 12 days (August 1st), Preop on the 4th and surgery on the 12th! My final meal is going to be at my favorite mexican restaurant with my moms friends and visitors from out of town. So far all I've done to prepare is get a recliner, so I still need to get ALL of the stuff on my checklist. So much to much time?


Friday, July 1, 2011

Countdown: 41 days!

Food of the day: risotto! it turned out delicious and i think i can eat it after surgery! My WONDERFUL mommy talked to the hospital yesterday and i now have a pre and post op date! August 3rd for pre-op and the 26th (i think) for post op! Only 41 days until surgery! I am going shopping in a few weeks for all the things on my list so i will be well prepared :)

Oh and yesterday I made b.e.a.utiful 4th of july cake for her coworkers, it was delicious!

Thats all :)