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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Countdown: 16 days!

Update on supplies: I went to the store today and bought some soft food pouches to try out. Here are my reviews!
Iced coffee was delicious, but nonessential ;)
Delicious! This is called GoGo sqeez. They sell these at the vending machines at my school so I had tried them before, but this time I got the apple cinnamon flavor. They cost $2 and school at I got these for around 60 cents each for 3.2 oz, in a pack of four. A-

I am definitely a "HapptTot" after eating this! Its the sweet potato, carrot, apple, and cinnamon blend. Very flavorful, and a good choice for a portable snack for school. These were on sale for $1.20 for a 4 oz pouch. A little pricier than the applesauce, but really, a girl can only eat so much applesauce before she needs some flavor! A++

Ick. It was good at first, but it was a little too runny. Very bland, and it had no added sugar, but it needed it! This was $1 for 3.5oz. Probably will not be buying this. C-
Odwalla was REALLY GOOD. Mango Tango flavor I think. A+!

All in all I am realllly glad I tried these or else I might have been stuck with a ton of gross ones!

It is 16 days1 hour6 minutes19 seconds until Friday, August 12, 2011 

dun dun dun dunnnn

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