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Monday, July 25, 2011

Countdown: SEVENTEEN

So, I'm seventeen years old, and I have seventeen days left until my surgery. For some reason I feel these seventeen days are going to go by muchhh slower than 17 years. I bought some stuff for after surgery, but first:
I'm making bank at the orthodontist! TWO tokens every time I go. To bad it takes at least 20 to get something good! I've been going there for 9 years and I can never seem to save them :(

I went shopping! I have heard that baby spoons are a must-have, so when I saw these at Ikea last week, I knew I had to get them! They were 6 for $1.50, a steal!

This is my trusty Ninja blender,  chop-chop. He makes delicious smoothies and will be my lifesaver after my face is sawed to pieces.  

My mommy got me these today while she was out shopping, they are little tooth pick type things, but they have thick bristles on the end to get between brackets. 

My icepack! New best friend, come here you!

Another gift from my wonderful mother! I saw this on another blog and my mom remembered and got it for me :) Love you mother! Oh, and this is what I am going to look like after surgery :0

Kiddie sized Starbucks cup, instead of a sippy cup. I will be going back to school 3 weeks after surgery and I dont want to be walking around looking like a two year old for my senior year! 

Neosporin to help with my chapped lips and face

Have I mentioned that I love my mother, well, I do!


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