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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Countdown: 5 days! Its on Friday!

The surgery is on Friday! I can officially say that now, yay! I pretty much have everything I need that isn't food related. I'm probably going food shopping today or tomorrow.

Even with my super obsessive research and being prepared for everything the surgeon told me, I was still caught off guard by one thing. I have to get a bone graft taken from my hip, eeek! And for some reason I am more worried about that than anything else. I already wont be able to communicate very much, but having a sore hip is just making it worst.

My surgeon also told me that I may or may not need a splint to hold my bite in place, it just depends on how the thinks my bite would hold up. I personally do want to the splint because my jaw tends to click at night and sort of fall to the side (gross I know, sorry!), and I'm really scared that will happen after surgery and I will wake up crooked!

Going to my pre anesthesia appointment made me feel a lot better about the surgery because now I know exactly where we have to go, where the OR is, and pretty much how the whole day will go. On Friday morning we are having a meeting with the surgeon so he can explain to us exactly what he will be doing. I will definitely have to stay one night, but my mom thinks its a good idea to stay two nights because we have a longish drive home and she doesn't want me to get nauseous. Oh! I just remembered that the surgeon also told us that after surgery they have a nutritionist come in to make sure that I am eating enough when I get home, and she will give us some tips on what to eat! And some other people will also come by but I dont remember what they will do. I think one person is going to come to talk to us about making a schedule for when to take my medication and antibiotics. Really helpful because after I got my wisdom teeth taken out I was sleeping alot so I wasnt staying on any sort of schedule and I ended up having a really long recovery time.

Yay, only FIVE more days!!!!

I can't wait until my achy jaw goes away!

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