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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 12: day 2 in rubber bands!

Today was my second day in rubber bands! and they are doing their job very well :) my bite is only about 1/2 a mm off now, but it goes back a tad when I take the bands off. I had to start taking a stronger pain medecine again because I couldn't sleep. If feels kind of like the pain when you first get your braces on. Dull, but very strong and annoying. Im not sure if its because of all the pulling or what, but my swelling went down way more in the lower half of my face...but it moved into the top of my cheeks! Like next to my nose where I have 18 screws. It used to be more numb than swollen, but now i'm all puffy! And my nerves are all jumpy in my face, it only goes away with pressure, which makes it hard to type. I realized today that I have written more in my blog than I have in my essay that is due the week after school starts. uh oh. Can I just turn this in? ;)

New pictures!

Lots of swelling next to my nose

No more tape over the stitch, just a small scar where Dr, Egbert accidentally knicked me when I squirmed :) 

More bruising on this side than the other, but I just love my profile! 

Lopsided smile, the other side of my mouth is still a bit numb and immobile. 

ALMOST in line again! The up/down ones on the left side are "stabilizers". I guess they stabilize my bite? 

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  1. You look so good! I'm so happy for you!!! :)