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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 13: Second visit with the Dr.'s

Today I had my second follow up with Dr. Egbert and Dr. Gauger. They just needed to make sure I was making progress in moving my jaw back to where it needed to be. I saw Dr. G first because Dr. E was delayed at the hospital for a bit. He measured by midlines with the bands, without the bands, and my jaw when I relax, as well as how far I can open my mouth. When I relax my jaw they slide back almost to how they were before :( Then Dr. E came and saw me open/close all that good stuff and said I had to come back  in a week! And to keep using the same rubber band configuration.

Today was also my turn to support my mom after she always helps me out being my nurse and all! She had to get some shots and I held her hand :) We then went out to our favorite persian restaurant for lunch, where we shared a yummy soup and ice cream. This was the second time I have eaten out and I did much better at not getting food all over my face than I do when I am at home!

My swelling has gone down a bit, but more importantly, I can smile now! My cheeks were sort of paralyzed since the surgery so my smile was very...strange, but now I can smile and look normal!

Lastly, Dr. E gave me the go-ahead to start being out more starting next week, so I can go to my schools back to school event where I will be volunteering... yippee.

Pictures now!

Still more swelling on one side. 

My new smile!

Almost there!

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