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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 18...and 19! School in a week :/...and Orientation

Remember how every time the school year ends, the next school year seems so far away? Well that happened to me, like it does every year, and now im stuck at one week before school starts with tons to do and not a lot of time to do it! Although I have been off of the codeine for a while, I still find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. I'm starting to think I might just have a lazy brain!

Anyways, back to the jaw stuff. My swelling doesn't seem to be going down at alll, and it even went up a bit on sunday after a long day out with my dad. It's back down to how it was before, but I start school in 7 days and I dont want to walk around looking like a chipmunk!

My jaw keeps cracking at night. At first I thought it just happened when I slept almost flat on my bed, but it also happens when I sleep upright in my recliner :( Yesterday I was feeling really sick and had an awful headache that wouldn't go away, but now my sinuses (aka right where I have 18 screws) just feel like they have a lot of pressure. I have another appointment with my surgeons on thursday so I'll see what they say! I really hope I dont have to go to the surgeons office weekly anymore because I do not want to miss a ton of school right off the bat.

Yesterday I went to go see the girls I coach at a pre-season scrimmage and they were so cute! They won 6-0 and I was very proud of them :) It was very hot yesterday so I was drinking a lot of water, and one of the girls asked "Atenas, are you only allowed to drink water after jaw surgery? Because you are drinking a lot!" It was too funny :)

The blogger uploader thing isnt loading my most recent pictures but I will try again later!

*Edit* pictures are up! and I'll add in day 19 also. Busy day. I was at school all day handing out schedules. I was stuck with "D" and "E" last names. Do you know how hard it is to make those sound different while banded shut? Then I had "C"'s. I kept asking "Chen/Cheng or Chan/Chang" and nobody understood the difference :( to I just had to go through the first names of all Chen/Cheng/Chan/Chang's until I found them. Fun stuff. I also got my schedule. Full IB/AP, whoop whoop! No life for the rest of the semester! Then after 7 hours at school I went out to get ice cream with my best friend who hadn't seen me since surgery. And I got to talk to her mom and sister, who told me that one of her co workers got jaw surgery at 60 years old and was still bruised and had tons of swelling after 5 weeks! I'm glad I got this surgery now and not later!

Sunday - Really bad swelling after a long day out in the heat!

Monday - Back to "normal"


Bruise is still lingering!

I love my new profile! 

Wednesday - I'm happy my swelling didn't go up after being at orientation talking to tons of people all day! Like the snowflake pajamas? I pull them out when it drops below 60 :)

Wednesday night - My midlines are lined up again!


  1. Amazing! :)
    (and your nose looks really good, too!)

  2. It seems like you have so much going on! At this point in my recovery I was such a couch potato. Then again I always am, lol. You look really good in spite of the swelling, and your looks waaaaaay more natural and un-goofy than mine at that point. Very pretty :) Keep on doing what you're doing. I hope that the cracking and jumping stops soon. Be well!!