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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 5! ITS ME!!!

I'm back! I always get so frustrated when people don't post and here I was doing the same thing! My energy is still very low but I am doing much better that when I left the hospital on Sunday. I didn't walk around much until yesterday and I still get very tired after going up or down stairs. My swelling peaked yesterday but has not gone down, just moved around mostly. I havent been in much pain, mostly discomfort from the stitches.  My mom has been helping me with everything, and doing mostly everything for me. We are in the middle of a "hot" week in the PNW, meaning that it gets to a SCORCHING 78 degrees out ;) I don know if its because I was born and raised here or if its because of the surgery, but I am especially sensitive to the heat and have to keep icing my neck and head to stay cool! In regards to food, I have been eating fruit "crushers", they are little squeezable packs of fruit, Boost, mashed potatoes, mashed grilled eggplant, Yogurt with banana, beans, and odwalla juices!

Heres a picture for today:
This is from yesterday, day 4. I'm rockin the pensive look!

Swelling is pretty much the same today.

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