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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 6: Swelling is going down down down down :)

My swelling has gone way down! my mother says I just look like her chubby faced child now :) I had a big scare last night, I had just fallen asleep and all of a sudden my jaw jerked to the left and made an awful sound. This isn't uncommon, It happened pretty often before the surgery, but I thought it would stop. Anyways it was very painful and ended in tears and my mommy consoling me as always :)

 I went out today for the first time to visit a friend and run some errands, and it was VERY exhausting. The grocery store was the worst part because all of the people made me really claustrophobic. One cheek is fatter than the other I think because on the fat side they put a screw into my jaw. ughhh. what happened to "there will be no scars on the outside"? Well I think I got off easy seeing as I have no splint or bands, so I'll take it :) 

On our way home my mother treated me to a banana split, YUM! but I only got through one small scoop before I got too tired to finish it. :(
I've been eating more now and am only losing a pound a day, the first few days I was losing 2 pounds :/
Overall a very good day with LOTS of improvement.

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