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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 11: Post op and new x rays!

Post op today, some good news, some bad news. Ever since 2 days after the surgery, my jaw has cracked at night (mentioned in a previous post). I total it happened three times! Very scary and I felt like my bite wasn't quite right after. My midlines seemed to be off, but since I was really groggy and dont remember much from the first few days after the surgery, I wasn't sure if thats how the doctor intended it to be. When I first got to my appointment I asked the Dr. my first and most important question, which was if my midlines were supposed to my lined up or not. He said they were not, and that he himself (not the other surgeon) had done my right side and he had had some trouble with it. The bone had cracked where it wasn't supposed to and he had to use a longer plate and an extra pin (hence the stitch on the side of my face). The other Dr. came in and said that if I waited any longer my bones/muscles would have stayed in the wrong place and I would have had to get another surgery! But instead he but my in a funky rubber band configuration that pulls my jaw to the correct side. Problem solved! Since this wasn't really supposed to happen I have to go in on Thursday so he can reevaluate and reposition my bands again. He said that unfortunately it will delay the amount of time I have to not chew. Hopefully I can still get my braces off in 3-4 months!

8 plates and 26 screws and pins later...

After! So perfect :)


A lot less swelling!

Sorry my lips look weird!
Dr. Egbert took the tape off the side of my face today where I had a stitch and he accidentally cut me when he was trimming the stitch.

Some bruising still left

Still can't smile :(
Rubber band configuration for the next two days, its very painful!

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