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Monday, January 23, 2012

Infection fer dayzzz

So, I have an infection in the nylon stitch that is holding my nose together. Its painful and not very fun. More later because I have loads of homework right now! Also, I got into college! 3/3 actually :)
Accepted into Gonzaga University!

Accepted into Seattle University and University of Portland!

3 Kings day, got the baby :)

Bananas and Pudding erryday. ToK 2011-2012. 


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  2. You look BEAUTIFUL! Not just "wow, you've recovered well," but truly stunning!!!

    I'm sorry about your infection - I hope you're feel better!

    I finally saw TWO surgeons and an orthodontist, so things are finally going somewhere...the question is, when to begin? You're lucky you got this out of the way before college! Enjoy it!