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Thursday, April 26, 2012

8.5 Months

 Nothing new really to say, I have another appointment to see my ortho on wednesday and hopefully its my last appointment before getting my braces off. My trip to New York last month went great and there were no complications with the surgery. I was able to eat the next day just fine!

24 hours after surgery - at the airport

Arrived in NYC!

Ate a hot dog on Thursday!

Back to normal on Friday

Ready for the play!

Canoli's from Carlo's Bakery! Hoboken, NJ

Oh hey I can open pretty big!

I run off this stuff. 

Funky teeth, right after my last adjustment 

Visiting UW with mt fellow future Huskies!

I can open sooo wide! My friend next to me is mocking me :)

Look at those well- defined cheek bones!