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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Ortho appointment today...ended in disappointment. I keep being told that I "only have one appointment left" and then they end up scheduling more and more and more. I was supposed to get my braces off 6 months ago. Frustration is starting to set in. I keep reading about people that get there braces off within 3 months after surgery (like I was SUPPOSED to), and I can't help but getting incredibly jealous! I think my 2 orthos don't talk about my case to each other enough so their plans for me don't match up.

I was promised to have my braces off by Prom, since its pretty much the only thing to look forward to in high school, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. I have three important events within 10 days: Prom, graduation, and my 18th birthday. Maybe I will follow what I did for my 15th birthday and get them off on the day of my birthday :)

Also, my bite has become increasingly crooked. My left side overlaps with my top teeth WAY more than it does on the right side but the orthodontist said its totally normal. I also have almost an overbite now :/ ANYWAYS, to top it all off I have 7 IB/AP exams in the next 15 days. Thats 13 testing sessions. I've finished one. Somebody please tell me what I was thinking when I signed up for IB. Thank god for non-IB friends, they keep me sane :)

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  1. I can really relate to your frustration (despite being the wrong side of surgery!) I'm really worried about having braces when I graduate from university, and I'll be 21 by then D: I guess just trust what the ortho is doing, I got really impatient with mine with the fact I didn't recieve braces until I was nearly 20, but that's because they had to do so much work with having 8 teeth removed and allowing that to heal, and cos of that the braces have worked really quickly!
    I guess if you're really worried about your bite talk to both of your orthos? Best of luck with getting your braces off, it must be so nice to know you're finally nearing the end of the jaw journey!
    Beth (: